Managing Personal Finances on iPad...
Hmm... Is that possible?
Complete Cashflow Management
(from a single screen?)
Schedule Income and Bills
Also Transfers...
...and Credit Card Payments
Track Accounts Cashflow
with Details. Tap and Scroll
Forecast up to 3 months,
Complete Financial Picture
Grouped by Categories,
with Drilldown
Accounts Register
Simple and Powerful,
with Search
Record Transactions and Transfers
Track Assets and Net Worth
Manage Settings, and more...
Manage Accounts,
Payees, and Categories
Backup and Export,
Import and Restore
Secure Architecture,
So... Is that possible?
AES256 Data Encryption

Manage accounts, schedule and enter upcoming income and bills. Assign your own categories and analyze past and future transactions. Forecast accounts cashflow and see projected daily balances with details.

Rest assured that financial data is protected and secure against any adverse events.

Discover Cheetah Finances for iPad today and enjoy its beautiful, simple, and elegant design coupled with great user experience!

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Nov 2015: Version 1.2.0 (264) is now available in iOS App Store.

Version 1.2.0 improves compatibility with iOS 9.1 (Calendar integration). It also includes multiple new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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Cheetah Finances for iPad

Cheetah Finances for iPad greatly simplifies personal finance management.

Both experienced and novice users will find money management with Cheetah Finances for iPad easy.



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