Why “Cheetah”?

By now, some of you may as well be wondering why would someone use “Cheetah” as part of the name for a financial app?

Well, it’s just sounded cool to us. “Ch-ee-tahh…”. OK, not really. We love the name but there are much deeper reasons behind it.

Did you know that the cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal? It can go 0-60 miles in less than 3 seconds (and those of us who appreciate fast cars can really relate to this, can’t we?).

Cheetah can run at very high speeds, and maintain its agility. So yes, we love this beautiful and very cute animal. Now, let’s talk about us, humans.

Our modern, technology packed, and what tends to be predominantly mobile world makes our life very different from what it was not a long time ago. Mobile devices make our life easier, but they also make it much faster paced.

Did you catch yourself on a notion that if you left your mobile phone or tablet at home, it felt like something was missing? There was “nothing to do”? We are wondering how our grandmas and grandpas must have felt…

What struck us one day is that we, humans, run just like cheetahs, doing a million things, in a million places, all of it at the same time. Work, school, kids, hobbies, friends, email, web, million apps—you name it. We remember about our finances only when a check bounces, “suddenly”.

So our motivation behind Cheetah Finances was to make personal finance management easier. And convenient, no matter what you do and wherever you go.

We wanted to build something that would provide us, human cheetahs, with ability to be in complete control of our personal finances while spending minimum time doing that.

So we could see where we are today financially. And tomorrow, and next month, and the month after that. To be able to set financial goals and achieve them. To make a difference in our lives, and in lives of people we love.

You think we are in business of selling you software? No, not really. We are on a mission to help you make your personal financial life better. Make it easier. To make sure that we, busy cheetahs, don’t loose our way just because we are running so fast.

We appreciate you coming to this website and reading what we have to say (and getting this far in this long letter of ours).

We would also love to hear what you have to say. Simply looking, and have questions? Using our app and have an idea or two? Or maybe you are missing a feature we did not include? We’d love to hear from you.

And thank you, we are really glad you are here.

Kind regards,

Cheetah Finances Team