Cheetah Finances for iPad

Managing personal finances has never been easier.
Keep records of all financial transactions. Forecast accounts cashflow. See summary of income and spendings by categories and groups. Schedule upcoming income and bills.

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Your Checkbook Just Got Promoted.

Keep detail log of all financial transactions for each account. Assign your own categories to each transaction. Manage Cash, Liability, and Asset accounts. Create transfers, loan payments, and asset transactions. Know your Net Worth.

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Plan without being a Planner.

Schedule upcoming income and bills and be alerted when due. Enter into Accounts Register or Skip. Access upcoming transactions on your Calendar and all your devices. Forecast Accounts Cashflow—see daily balances with details. Group income and expenses by categories.

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Secure and Protect. Be Safe.

Incredibly sophisticated and virtually invisible, data security works hard to protect your data so you don’t have to. Encryption protects data at rest, countermeasures protect against possible data leaks. It’s hard to steal something that is not there (hint: your passwords are never stored anywhere).

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Backup, Export, and Never Look Back.

Backup your data and be protected against own mistakes. Export your data and be protected against anything. Email to yourself, or transfer to your Mac. Reinstall the app and import your backup to restore everything. Or import your backup on a new device.

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Easy to Start, Fun to Learn.

Be guided to establish security on first run. Learn how to organize your data in a risk-free and fun to use “Demo Mode”. Experiment with demo data instead of your own. Brag about your app without exposing personal accounts.

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Beta Testers Wanted.

Be the first to try new features. Share what is important to you. Influence how apps are designed and what direction they go. Contribute and enjoy your own efforts.

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