Beta Access Program

Cheetah Finances for iPad Beta Access program is a limited time event that gives early access to our next production version. Space is limited and fills up fast.

NOTE: Beta Access program for version 1.0 is CLOSED but your are welcome to sign up for the next version.

We look for bright individuals who could help us shape the future of Cheetah Finances. Interested? Here are some details.

Why Join?

Are you an early adopter? Like to be the first in everything you do? Enjoy trying new technologies and having access to apps others don’t even know exist? Then our beta testing program may be just what you are looking for!

It’s free to join, you get to do some cool stuff, and it’s easy to opt-out at any time. And you get a chance to tell us what really matters to you. Interested? See requirements and how to sign up below.


1. You get exclusive, prerelease access to a new version of Cheetah Finances for iPad app that everyone else has yet to see.

2. You get to download, install, and use our paid app for free, until a specific date (30 days since the program opens, regardless of when you join or install the app).

3. You get a chance to provide feedback so we can consider features that are important to you and fix things that don’t work well in your particular situation. Your voice and your opinion matters, and can make a real difference!


The only requirement is to have iPad running iOS 8 (preferably the latest version, 8.1.3 as of Jan 30, 2015). You will also need to install a free Apple TestFlight app that will enable access to Cheetah Finances for iPad.

How to sign up

Follow these simple steps. For those of you who have been invited personally, skip steps No.1 and No.2.

1. Send us a message through Support page on this website and let us know you would like to participate.

2. You can also visit Cheetah Finances on Facebook. Like us and send us a message with your email to receive your invitation.

3. Once beta access for a new version is open, receive an invitation email from Apple iTunes Store, usually within 24 hours. That’s it!

NOTE: Provide us with the email you would like your invitation to be sent to; it does not have to be an Apple ID.


The email and the name you provide to us  are only used to provide you with beta access to Cheetah Finances for iPad. Your personal data is not given to nor shared with any third parties. Read our full Privacy Policy.

How to get started

“OK, I have been invited, now what?”

Once you receive email invitation from iTunes Store, open it on your iPad and tap “Open in TestFlight” button. You will be prompted to install Apple TestFlight app (iOS 8 is required) if not yet installed.

TestFlight Beta Testing page at Apple website explains some details related to the program (make sure to read “Using TestFlight as a Beta Tester” section at the bottom of the page).

What to expect during testing

Cheetah Finances for iPad used during beta access is a fully tested by us production version. It is not expected to crash, although it may. It is also not expected to have any bugs, but you may find some.

The idea behind beta testing is to have the app run through many different real life scenarios so anything that we could not find or did not think about would surface. We get a chance to get your feedback and make the app work better for you.

What is the best way to test

While TestFlight app will provide more specific notes on what to test, it is totally up to you. If you simply used the app the way you would normally do, that would be good enough for us to know it works well in your specific scenario.


If we don’t hear from you, we assume everything works fine. If something crashes though, provides less than perfect user experience, is not intuitive, working not as you think is should, is confusing, provides not enough or too much information, or anything similar, we want to hear from you!

Use TestFlight app to provide your feedback. Send us your comments, descriptions, steps to reproduce, and screenshots, if possible (edit your personal financial info out if necessary).

Data you enter

“What if I wanted to move data I enter during testing to a release version?” Yes you can. Before your test period is over, simply create a backup and export it (Settings > Data Vault). You can email the backup to yourself or use AirDrop to transfer it to your Mac.

Once you install a production version, go through Initial Setup first, then import the backup. For example, open email attachment in Mail (tap and hold it, tap Open in Cheetah). Enter your password to login and follow instructions. Once imported, restore the backup.

Thank you!

We really appreciate your participation in beta testing program and hope you have lots of fun!

Kind regards,

Cheetah Finances Team