Accounts Cashflow

Accounts Cashflow accurately forecasts daily account balances and presents it in an easy to work with graphical form.

Easy to Understand

Cashflow is presented as an easy to understand bar chart. Bars are color coded to easily distinguish among past, current, and future transactions, positive and negative balances, and days with no activity.

Presents Complete Picture

Existing transactions entered into Accounts Register are combined with the ones scheduled in Upcoming Income and Bills to show an accurate picture of what happens on any given date of the current plus two months into the future. Cashflow forecast is available for all accounts.

Plenty of Details

Bar chart can be conveniently scrolled to see forecast for different date periods. Tapping on any bar reveals all transactions, if any, with their respective balances.

Adjusts to iPad Orientation

While landscape view shows full month of cashflow forecast, the portrait view shows only half. Bar chart remains fully interactive in both orientations; a dedicated ‘Today’ button allows to quickly return to the current date screen.