Financial Summary

Financial Summary is an interactive report that presents past and future income and expenses grouped by categories.

The report is similar to Income Statement but may also include future transactions. Financial Summary excludes transfers between cash accounts, and asset transactions.

Intelligent Grouping

To group income and expenses, Financial Summary uses categories assigned to transactions entered into Accounts Register and scheduled in Upcoming Income and Bills.

Using simple naming conventions, groups can be defined and easily changed to the liking. For example, naming a category “Salary – John” or “House: Mortgage Payment” will automatically create “Salary” and “House” groups in the report.

Totals for Everything

Financial Summary computes totals for every included category or category group, and also totals for income and expenses. Computed balance includes actual, upcoming, and overall total.

Drill Down by Category or Group

Drill down by category or category group to see all relevant transactions.

See All Income or Expenses

All income or expense transactions can conveniently be viewed in the same reports, regardless of account.

Filter by Date Range

Financial Summary report can be viewed for different date ranges. Selected data range is preserved across sessions.