Upcoming Income and Bills

Upcoming Income and Bills allows to schedule and manage recurrent and one time transactions, transfers, and loan payments.

Scheduling is important for having an accurate cashflow forecast and visibility into future spendings and income; it is also a convenience feature that allows to quickly enter repeating transactions without re-entering the same information.

Ability to Schedule Upcoming Income and Bills

Scheduled transactions contain extra information that defines how often they repeat, when the next occurrence is due, is there an alarm, and others.

Depending on the account, such transaction types as regular, transfer, loan payment, and asset are all supported. There are also separate types for cash transactions and transfers.

iOS Calendar Integration

All upcoming transactions are reflected on a separate, dedicated iOS calendar and typically on all related iCloud-enabled devices.

Scheduled transactions fully support all features of iOS Calendar. Schedule can be updated for a single event or all future occurrences.

Principal and Interest Tracking

For transactions involving liability accounts, principal and interest (P&I) can be tracked separately. When computing account balance, liability accounts only reflect the principal.

Easy Data Entry

With a few taps, scheduled transactions can be entered into Accounts Register or rescheduled to the next occurrence.

Filter by Date Range

The Upcoming Income and Bills list shows the first occurrence of each recurrent transactions. An appropriate date range can be selected; it will remain the same for all future sessions.