Data Safekeeping

Things happen. Data entry mistakes can be made or software can crash. iPad can be lost or even stolen. While rare, malware can be installed resulting in damaged or stolen data.

These kinds of events exist regardless of what we think about them. Any single of them can cause personal financial data to become lost forever.

Cheetah Finances for iPad provides features that greatly reduce chance of data loss:

  • Cheetah Finances for iPad Data Vault securely stores all personal financial data
  • Data Vault can be backed up thus creating a restorable snapshot of all personal financial information stored on the device
  • Data Vault backups are encrypted
  • Data Vault Backup can be restored at any time to recover from accidental mistakes such as deleting some important financial data
  • Data Vault Backup can also be exported outside of the iPad. For example, the backup can be emailed to yourself for safekeeping or, for example, transferred to Apple Mac using AirDrop (AirDrop support is required)
  • Exported Data Vault can be used to restore data after reinstalling the app
NOTE: iPad, Mac, and AirDrop are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.