Demo Mode

No matter what level of experience, Cheetah Finances for iPad makes it easy to start. Included is a special “demo” mode that encourages experimenting and learning in an error forgiving environment.

Deleted an account with all transaction while in demo mode? No problem, all demo data will be recreated on the next demo session start.

Learn by interactively examining data:

  • Get to know application features by interacting with fully functional screens filled with sample data
  • Master art of Cashflow Management without affecting real, personal financial data
  • Try creating transactions, account transfers, loan payments and see how they are reflected in different accounts
  • See how to name categories so they will be correctly grouped by Financial Summary
  • Learn how unreconciled transactions are presented in Accounts Cashflow
  • Well, we don’t really want to spoil a spirit of exploration here… There is more to it, so just try it!

Demo Mode environment is almost identical to the normal, production mode, except a few things.

Demo Mode uses a separate iOS Calendar that cannot be renamed. Notifications are not used to update app badge with demo data. The most important, demo data is never saved past the end of the demo session—no need to save data that are there only to safely play around.

After the Demo Mode session is finished, on logging out, the app will delete all demo data and will even remove the demo calendar used during the session.