Known Issues and Workarounds

Cheetah Finances for iPad v1.2.0 (264), Nov 2015

#1.2.0-1: In Demo Mode (under iOS 8.4 only), new custom recurrence “On Each…’ is not correctly displayed when editing a Calendar event.
No workaround is required. Data will be correctly shown in Accounts Cashflow and Upcoming Income and Bills. You can, though, edit the event manually; saved event will reopen with the correct recurrence. This happens due to a difference in how Calendar events with Custom recurrence are stored under iOS 8.4 and iOS 9.1. Again, this only affects Demo Mode.

Cheetah Finances for iPad v1.0 (1.0), Jan 2015

#1.0-1: If scheduled transaction was created for incorrect account, editing scheduled transaction changes account correctly but the change is reverted back on the next login.
Solution: Delete scheduled transaction and create it again using correct account. This will be fixed in the next release.

#1.0-2: After restoring a backup, on the next login, some of the buttons may appear gray instead of blue (iOS7.1 only).

Incorrect color does not affect button functionality but the app may crash in some scenarios.

Solution: After restoring a backup, while at login screen, double tap Home button and close the app by sliding it off the screen. The app will behave normally on the next restart.